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A Cloud Platorm Where the sky is no longer the limit

Forget What Came Before

Become truly agile to change, allowing you to instantly react to breaking opportunities. Maximise your effectiveness in the market you wish to serve with a bespoke system designed by you to solve problems how you want to. Equipping you with the means to build your ideas how you imagined, using powerful software with the feel of a simple configuration tool -  GiftedMatrix lets you turn ideas into engagements within minutes and further develop your involvement opportunities with your stakeholders.

Effortlessly Capable

Whether you want to create an application to manage people internally, external organisations, deal with events and fundraising, or in fact, anything else you can think of, GiftedMatrix acts as the perfect toolkit to build a new digital home for your organisation.

Whatever your requirements and however dynamic they may be, GiftedMatrix provides you with the tools to create your application your way.

Redefining Flexibility

Create the data you need and store it helpfully, design forms and grids, build workflows and automate actions such as communications, from personal emails to bulk text reminders of an upcoming deadline.

Once you have what you need in place, you and your colleagues can begin using it for daily business and organisation straight away - creating and editing as you go.

Self-Service makes it easier. For everyone.

Intelligent Self-Service

Allow your stakeholders to self-serve their needs with their own ‘external user’ login and personal dashboard to do everything; from applying for grants to managing events they’ve booked on to. Take the hassle out of processing every request on behalf of your stakeholders and give them the power to manage their own engagements straight from your website. Market targeted events and opportunities directly to relevant stakeholders dashboards and deepen your relationship with those your organisation touches – automatically.

Unlock Your Imagination

With GiftedMatrix, you no longer need to accept the notion of your application limiting your imagination. Revolutionise the way you respond to inefficiencies by evolving your system in real-time. Become truly agile to changing opportunities and dynamic in response to new problems. Change the way rigid processes are done and start to grow in anticipation of your market, not in response to others in it.

Ultra Secure

Gifted Applications are Hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform and are fully GDPR compliant. Security of sensitive information and data is assured, with rigorous external penetration testing and annual cyber essentials plus accreditation.

You can also easily establish company order and a hierarchical structure, allowing the creation of roles to give permissions as appropriate to each individual user, whether internal or external.


"I'm trying to free your mind... but I can only show you the door. You're the one who has to walk through it."

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